As technology continues to advance our society by connecting individuals around the world, an individual’s online presence has never been more valuable and, at the same time, their privacy has never been more susceptible to invasion.  Through such measures as the USA PATRIOT Act and policies instituted by companies like Google and Facebook, technology has become a portal into the private lives of individuals which can never be closed.


In Edward Snowden’s TED Talk entitled “Here’s How We Take Back the Internet,” Snowden appears via telepresence robot to explain the motivation for his actions in leaking government documents to the press and the steps he believes need to be taken for the public to take back the Internet.

In his discussion, Snowden recognizes that government intelligence is often used for public benefit, but there are also times when the government uses intelligence without the consent of the public or even its representatives in Congress.  As he sees it, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees free press to combat adversarial threats and allows the public to work with the government in ensuring its rights are protected.  Snowden also explained PRISM, a program that allowed the government to compel corporate America to conduct the spying and surveillance for them.

In the way of taking back the Internet and with it the right to privacy, Snowden implored those same companies involved in PRISM to work very hard as representatives of the user and to advocate for the rights of the user.  He also suggested that all companies move to an encrypted browsing habit by default, which would increase the privacy and rights that people enjoy worldwide.


I plan to create a series of renders in Keyshot as the final result.