For my design I got my inspiration from three very different vehicles: hovering skateboard, and mini-robot with micro-spine claws made by NASA. The skateboard was what gave me the most important idea that even compact, light-weighted objects can hold human weight in air with great stability. The robot made from NASA to travel across the moon gave me the idea to add small gripper to the vehicle so that it can hold onto rough surface with great strength and ease. The harsh environments for my vehicle are cliffs, caves, and different types of landscapes that are either unoccupied or filled with hostile enemies. The harsh environment led me to decide that the overall design of my vehicle should be compact, portable, and most importantly adaptable for a variety of surroundings. The user of this vehicle is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, a knowledgeable and passionate archaeologist who is always in search for lands that might hold ancient secrets and history. She is also a very athletic individual and was trained personally by her father and mentor to survive and search for ancient relics through harsh environments. She is against violence but doesn’t hesitate to fight when she has no other choice. From Lara’s traits I decided that my vehicle should have additional have space to hold mini-robots for scavenging for relics and detecting enemies; other space on the vehicle will be for weapon (just in case) and to put in the relics that she finds. For my renders I made great use in taking renders in many different angles; this is because I want to show the various features and functions that my vehicle can present in varying situation.