“Stone Cold” Steve Austin



I have decided to design a vehicle specifically suited for former professional wrestler and actor, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He is known for being one tough SOB and is sometimes called “The Texas Rattlesnake”.

Hiking Caprock Canyons

 In his semi-retirement, Austin lives on The Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas. Here he can be seen passing his days driving in the Texas heat over rugged terrain rich with scorpions, snakes, and other creatures, in one of his trucks or ATVs.  I want to design a similar vehicle that can expertly handle the rugged terrain, especially where there are no roads, as well as exemplify the tough guy vibe that Austin is known for.


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The exterior of my vehicle will combine elements of monster trucks, ATVs, and dune buggies. The interior of the vehicle will ideally resemble a man cave that Stone Cold himself would be proud of. It will keep the hot, desert air out, while keeping the passengers cool and refreshed as they enjoy the scenic canyons.


The basic design of the Stone Cold Canyon Cruiser is of a highly durable dune buggy with the body of a skull, one of Austin’s most well known symbols.


The skull’s mouth acts as a windshield, while the eyes and nose act almost as skylight windows.


The vehicle will have eight, extra thick wheels to provide increased stability over rugged terrain. Much of the vehicles driving will be off road, so I want to ensure the passengers have as smooth a ride as possible.


I wanted to include Austin’s moniker, the “Texas Rattlesnake” with bracing bars that surround the top of the skull. These should provide additional protection if the vehicle flips.


The mouths of the rattlesnakes will case the vehicle’s headlights.


The vehicle should provide ample room for passengers to lounge in comfort, and enjoy a nice cold brew from the interior Keggerator.