To figure out a good design for my vehicle, I looked at both the Tron motorcycle and the Batman motorcycle. These vehicles are both very cool in design and give their rider that effect as they speed past their enemies. The Batman motorcycle inspiration can be seen in the weaponry and positioning of the wheels. The Tron motorcycle is seen in the sleek body and the helmet. This vehicle makes it easy for Bugs to navigate through a harsh environment of his enemies. This specific harsh environment is a battle in the desert between Bugs and Yosemite Sam. This made it important to have a number of weaponry on Bug’s motorcycle. Bugs is a very cool, fast, and over the top individual. I made sure the design matched his style. The motorcycle is very cool, is shown going fast, and has over the top weaponry to protect him. It has two seats in case he needs to save his love, Lola. One other thing I’d like to mention is that another one of Bug’s enemies is a bull that Bugs likes to tease. In this design, I had an ironic effect as Bugs is riding a design of one of his main adversaries. It shows that he is fierce and can conquer all enemies he encounters.