Thesis: I have created a story line where I explore the meta in which we exist as human beings. For example, a person’s physical attributes would play a minimal role if they are placed in a desert. Instead, it would be all about how  he/she perceives the emptiness of this vast space that is a desert. The connection  made between the person and the desert would define who  the person truly is.







Do you think further environments would benefit the project such as the desert.




What question/problem did you choose?

Who am I?

Why did you choose this topic and why does it matter to you?

Have you ever looked at the mirror and wondered who/what you are looking at? I chose this topic because it happens to me quite often. I also have a friend who has similar experiences in much longer time scale. So I wonder who am I, the guy on the mirror or the guy who is behind it all.

Give some details on the question/problem – explain it in depth.           

To me, I am the thing that extends much beyond what I see in the mirror. (Whatever one wants to call themselves) It is almost like the guy in the mirror, whereas for anyone around me, I would be the guy on the mirror. It seems really interesting how we perceive each other, how it the way one looks become meaningless over time. It almost seems like, when I am looking at someone I don’t know, I just see a part of their body. On the other hand the better I know the person, the more I see. At some point it, the outlook and the real person converges and I find it really interesting. Today we are not improving beyond the skin. We rather have shorter more superficial interactions because otherwise someone will see who we really are, than we want to look like or who we would like to portray ourselves as.


List out 10 tangible places/people/things that are associated with your question/problem.

  1. Mirror
  2. In a family photo
  3. Strip Club
  4. Fashion show
  5. Fashion Photo Shoots
  6. My friend x
  7. at a conversation
  8. advertisements
  9. Space
  10. Desert




Influential Artist: Kiki Smith


I want to evoke a similar feeling of under the skin.  Who knows maybe we are all different even though we wear the same.



With the rate we are consuming resources, I don’t see any utopic picture. I want to fantasize on what would happen at 2400, as in my mind robots became the new labor power, that we adore and reflect on our temples. The sea levels have raised so much that most of the cities by the shores are erased. Now there is pure emptiness in the places  full of life once upon a time.





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I have tried the maker bot scanning but it failed miserably during the class, unfortunately I have discarded it. I haven’t got a chance to try the other scanning tool in the library yet. Among all the 123D catch has the best results yet.




With the rate we are consuming resources and the consumerist social system, I don’t see and utopic picture. I want to fantasize on what would happen at 2400, as in my mind humans fully mastered their bodies and augmentation became the new consumerist behavior. However a pharmaceutical company had some security issues and all the man kind has been erased from earth.

3_5_AN_Plan 4-1417C00DB0D3B3E3964 070308-327 1368441968_mount-nemrut-turkey4 5293042848_59e1ef3934_b a-history-place-easter-island aspara-dancer-angkor-wat-temple-cambodia-600x400 Ayathuya_tree_root_Thailand_photo_tour_joel_collins_440_293_80 e96b0108f1221b7cd92b95e3c2679c0f easter_island_statue_5_0 easter-island-heads-have-bodies Egyptian Bath Tub_04_resize egypt-pyramids wallpaper giza_-_khufu_(cheops)1318467112887 Moai-Statues-Easter-Island-Chile mt-nemrut-7000-ft--sanliurfa o-165882955-570 Sphinx_partially_excavated2 temple-of-athena Untitled-106                                                                                                                 Research:

I have read articles about the society and temples for Greek and Egyptian and some Anatolian civilizations. All these civilizations had been long gone and their structures are still present to present them quite spectacularly. Different pastes used by both Egyptian and Greek are unknown to us, we know the formula but don’t how to produce it. One could say that they were really advanced. We resemble the post human to them. The question is, will the history repeat itself and this consumerist society will end just like the others? I think yes, I have watched the movie 12 Monkey’s a movie taking place in future and some ‘company’ releases a virus. No, more spoiling.






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I designed a vehicle for my mum. She loves travelling and she admires the island cultures. When I was looking at different designs, I saw an extraordinary design which was very fuel efficient and being tested by the U.S. army. So I decided to adapt the rough approach of high deck but reduce the size since she doesn’t like big things. Both my parents are not really into technology either they know how to sail so I decided to keep it as simple as I can. I decided to make a catamaran boat with a stabilized cabin since my dad has sea sickness. We haven’t had any holiday on a boat before and I really wanted to make that possibility real. I made sure the design had a  minimalist approach since she loves simple sleek designs. I wanted this boat to be conveniently used when going to little bays in Mediterranean Islands. My dad is already retired and they can travel around the Mediterranean after mum retires. I wanted forms without corners and an aerodynamic design in order to keep the integrity. I think they would enjoy travelling and swimming in the  undiscovered little bays.


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For this project I designed a small sized catamaran for my mum, My mum is not the biggest adventurer  but she loves extraordinary experiences as much as she can. Exploring unknown bays and seas for a long time without civilization wold be my harsh environment.  I was heavily influenced by the design below due to its incredible efficiency. However I wanted my boat to be more livable with intricate negative spaces that provide both enough sun and the shade since my mum has a really sensitive skin.

I have created I livings pace hanging on top and dedicated the everything else for technical needs. I could hence plan one uninterrupted space where it has a transparent flooring to see the ocean.

Some tour boats in Turkey have glass bottoms to show antic ruins.


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