Emerging human advancements will definitely enhance the living standards and abilities of mankind to no end. However, such enhancements will only benefit those who can afford them. As of now the world has been and is still filled with unbalanced wealth distribution, underdeveloped countries, and unstable economic environment causing only a handful of privileged people to gain more.


Research to further understand post-humanism:

In the article Asoka Bandarage, discusses the vast changes mankind might undergo in the era of posthumanism. Many pros and cons due to the manipulation and redesign of nature and human are mentioned in the article. Bandarage discusses numerous advancements such as reaching immortality, replaceable genes, A. I. with superior knowledge and more that can definitely improve the overall living standard of the world. But Bandarage is also hesitant of what each breakthrough in technology would result in society. The possibility of disappearance of earth-based indigenous people or being able to self-replicate an entire human being can raise issues that people might not be ready to face. People are always willing to achieve technological advancement but are uneasy when they are forced to question the essential values and morality arising from such advancements. Bandarage shows hope that human technology advancement can get rid of ecological and social crises rooted in human greed, ego, by getting rid of the fear of death and attachment to self. However, she also worries about the moral and psychological changes that post-human can bring in the world.

Final format:

The final result of my project will be a series of renders.