This project is a vehicle for Ron Swanson and Teddy Roosevelt hunting Big Foot. They fly in from America, because how would the greatest Americans in the world be able to live with themselves as a resident of Canada, to the Northwestern Territories in Canada. They don’t know if they will ever find big foot, but they hunt night and day following footprints or whatever leads they can get. The vehicle takes on some traits of both of these individuals. The hat, pin on the hat and glasses come from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders days. The figure for the vehicle follows Ron Swanson’s simple life style. It has the travel bubble, two sets of tank treads, and travels quietly through the forest and sky. The large weaponry is an attribute of both of these men.

The inspirations for the vehicle that helped me were mainly tanks. While I chose a simple sphere for the main body, the treads resemble that of a tank. I felt that they matched a tank pretty well. I also made them smaller so that they could climb over rocky/bumpy terrain. The environment was mostly based off of forests and heavily wooded areas. I also wanted to put night images in so that it would give off the idea that they are hunting day and night.