The cathedral project is on pause until the Makerbot station (specifically the program itself) in the DSC is up and running again, so tonight I started work on the pelican in the project folder, making it watertight and trying to fix the naked edges.





I talked to Melissa who works at the DSC about how to fix the file. It seems like there was a small part that was still two-dimensional so it was having issues being sent over. Also, I separated the two pieces into separate files to print because the issue also could have been that they were slightly off the same level. When I returned to the DSC to print the files however the Maker Desktop program was no longer on the computer, and the student working there said they were having issues with the software, but he didn’t know how to fix it, and the students who monitor the printers hadn’t come in.



Tonight I worked on printing the interlocking test piece for the cathedral. The first time I printed it, it was not successful and thus I worked on it again tonight.
maker inner 1


I tried simplifying the hollow piece because that seemed to be causing most of the problem. I printed twice and both times the smaller solid cylinder printed fine, but the hollow piece still won’t print for some reason. The plastic keeps piling up and not making the shape its supposed to. I am going to try to print it separately and ask Ethan or Hunter if they know what’s going on.



Friday night the DSC closed early and the mybucknell cas system was down, so I will be sending what I worked on to print tonight. I finished making all the pieces attached to the actual cathedral blocks. And in the morning finsished all of the test pieces of the lego inserts and prepared them to be printed.








Dreams have been powerful creative tools for me to break off from normal way of thinking and all kinds of constraints and come up with a normal approach. Thus, I would like to dig deeper into the field of irrationality and come up with a surrealist object or artwork that based on dream and impossible objects. This has a lot of potential because the object doesn’t necessarily have to make sense and there are a lot of rooms for more warped and organic forms. I also want to take the next project to break off from my old style of using a lot of hard curves, black metals and black plastic, which starts to look cliche.

The object that I want to examine is the nail. Nails contain very interesting screw curves that can be further explored for meanings or modified into other kinds of objects.  Minimally, I hope to create some kinds of objects or buildings that can represent the nails, and somehow use the curve of the nails to create some wild and elaborate geometry.

The project potentially relates to Twist and Bend command. These are the commands that I really want explore more of their potentials.

Visual images collected

Some sources of Surrealists artworks:

  • http://www.beautifullife.info/art-works/surrealistic-paintings-by-vladimir-kush/
  • http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/surreal-photo-manipulation-40-amazing-artworks/

Surrealist artworks turned out to be plenty. Thus, I would have to figure out a unique style for my objects.


This sketch is done by combining 7 different A4 sketches together. Takes 8 hours to complete.


Critical thinking about the project

The theme I chose is the wearing down of human’s emotion  in the face of social challenges and constraint. It seems that as humans grew older over time, they start to have troubles finding sweetness for their long days. People can still buy a pack of candy, but they don’t know how to eat the candies like a child. The project aims to demonstrate the complexity of human’s emotion based on surrealist arts. Objects can be warped and modified wildly to be more expressive. My aim is not to follow the traditional style and goes for more organic materials, even though these organic materials might not fit the smooth nature of my geometry and demands more meticulousness. I also would like to use Adobe After Effects to apply some flat color into my work because as a “formalist,” I want to apply flat color so that the renders appear more expressive. Flat colors will also served to hide some of the weakness in geometry and make the final results look more natural.

Intellectual research

I am really glad that I was able to bring the model into keyshot to apply material. Initially, I resorted to my old styles which use mechanical and plastic materials. The result looks quite dull and doesn’t have that much emotional emphasis on it. I was initially very unhappy with the result.

Full Black and White features.3Full Black and White features.2

I decided to completely overhaul my own style, switching to a more flat and comic approach. The result turns out to have a lot potential! Since materials are almost completely vanished, the focus of the picture was turned completely into form. Even though there are little edges or contour, the form are still very recognizable. The audience would take the form as it is instead of getting distracted by the material.

Just Black And White.1

Several possible modifications for the final render:

  • Make the hour hand and the minute hand more visible.
  • Extending the background to the hold picture frame and add a sun into the background to represent sunset (or the down fall)
  • Adding buildings and windows.
  • Adding sky castles and possibly some more “building circles” to truly represent unplanned growth. The circles right now still look to have some what an order into it.


Today I worked on finishing up the majority of lego pieces. Then I made a separate Rhino file with just three base pieces and made sure they were watertight. Then I saved them to be printed.

The 3D printers were being used by another student today, but tomorrow I will run these test prints and if they fit well together I will print the rest of the cathedral as well.



Ancient weaponry and futuristic technology have a potential to combine aesthetically to create interesting form and functioning. This is an attempt to depict the Armored Elephant military unit in the ancient world, combined with some futuristic elements.

Models and renders

Future addition

Due to the time constraint, I was only able to render the model in a studio setting. Incorporating photo-realistic background introduces a problem of blending virtual and realistic elements. In the future, I hope to create additional military unit and construct meaningful scenes (Project 3)


I decided to use Heaven as my harsh environment. It’s not your typical “harsh” environment but it’s purpose is to represent Princess Diana’s afterlife. One of my main concerns is to create a background that is not too soft, too heavenly or subtle that it will fade it the background but I also can’t be too overpowering that it will create distraction from the main vehicle.


I decided to dedicate my vehicle to Diana, Princess of Wales. She died in a car crash in Paris at age 36, so I decided to continue her royal legacy and to recreate her afterlife. She is remembered as being a very attentive and loving mother therefore inside the carriage, there will be seating space for her and the two kids she had with Prince Charles, Henry and William. She was also a very independent and self-driven woman. She was scrutinized after her divorce therefore in the carriage, she will be the sole presence of power inside the vehicle. Princess Diana also had a soft spot for the world of Disney so I decided to combine her royal status with the fairytale world of Disney creating a fairytale royal carriage.




I decided to fuse together Cinderella’s ball carriage with the 21st century royal vehicle used by Kate Middleton and Prince Williams.



Her crown will sit atop of the carriage because it was her best worn accessory. I will also make it very spacious giving her enough space for her and her children. I’m debating to whether use stick with the royal attitude and use reds and golds as my palettes, or to use more neutral and cream colors (light blues, whites, light golds) fit for a fairy tale princess. Since my environment is Heaven, there won’t be any roads so instead of wheels; the bottom part of the carriage will be that of a sled guided by two Pegasus.




The harsh environment that I want Batman to handle is a hostile alien invasion.  Originally, I was going to make the vehicle a car that is capable of going at incredible speeds as a “chase vehicle,” but I am now thinking of making a mechanized robot.



The primary environmental concern that I considered as I worked on this project was the aliens themselves.  In my mind, I had the aliens as being highly technology oriented and using their mechanical prowess in order to take over Earth.  Batman will have to use similar technology in order to defend the earth.  Firepower will be essential.


The famous individual that I chose was Batman.  The attributes that I will focus on are his design preferences to incorporate bat motifs and symbology, his use of technology, and his use of multiple weapons platforms.  I will also use Batman’s color scheme in my designs.


I based my original vehicle off of the Lamborghini Murcielago.  I thought that it would be fun to incorporate this design because murcielago means bat in Spanish.  Also, I found it an interesting design in its sleek look.


My next design that I will try to make will be a mech that is fully loaded with weapons, armor, and technology.  There will be machine guns, rockets, and lasers.


I will incorporate weapons such as a gatling gun into my design.  I want to have a lot of weapons visible, and some showing that were in hidden locations, such as rockets that could be hidden under the armor.  Tell about any additional inspirational elements that will influence your design decisions during development. Please include relevant images in your post.


One of the inspirations for this project, and what I will eventually try to mirror in my work, is a gundam from the old TV show that used to be on cartoon network.

Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture


For this project I designed a small sized catamaran for my mum, My mum is not the biggest adventurer  but she loves extraordinary experiences as much as she can. Exploring unknown bays and seas for a long time without civilization wold be my harsh environment.  I was heavily influenced by the design below due to its incredible efficiency. However I wanted my boat to be more livable with intricate negative spaces that provide both enough sun and the shade since my mum has a really sensitive skin.

I have created I livings pace hanging on top and dedicated the everything else for technical needs. I could hence plan one uninterrupted space where it has a transparent flooring to see the ocean.

Some tour boats in Turkey have glass bottoms to show antic ruins.


Capture Capture2 Capture3


For this project I designed my vehicle for Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix is not the driver, but is rather the one on top of the vehicle, playing music for the crowd. The harsh environment is a rowdy crowd at a concert, reminiscent of the types of crowds that used to accost the Beatles when they played. The type of people at the concert would be those that attended Woodstock. Instead of a aesthetic unappealing fence, I chose a divergent shape leading up to where Jimi sits, preventing people from climbing up to him. The land is also uneven and difficult for a normal vehicle to drive over.  To compensate I added treads to the wheels, as seen in a futuristic rendering of an all-terrain vehicle.

The protection that was required for the Beatles was something I wanted to emulate in my design.

The protection that was required for the Beatles was something I wanted to emulate in my design.

Woodstock crowd. This populated area of people ravenous for music with little regard to sanitation was the primary crowd I was anticipating would accost the vehicle.

Woodstock crowd. This populated area of people ravenous for music with little regard to sanitation was the primary crowd I was anticipating would accost the vehicle.

Treaded car wheels that were the inspiration for putting this hybrid of treads seen on a  tank and on a regular car.

Treaded car wheels that were the inspiration for putting this hybrid of treads seen on a tank and on a regular car.


Jimi Hendrix is a relaxed guy. All pictures of him playing he is wearing very thin and light clothes. His biography also mentioned his more relaxed lifestyle. Therefore he will be sitting in a hammock on top of the whole vehicle, playing guitar while he sits down, the guitar resting comfortably along his body. Jimi doesn’t like interruptions to his music, therefore his elevated platform will enable this flow to maintain.

This demonstrates how thin and loose Jimi's clothes were. They fit themselves well with his relaxed personality, which can be seen relaxing on a hammock playing guitar for the crowd.

This demonstrates how thin and loose Jimi’s clothes were. They fit themselves well with his relaxed personality, which can be seen relaxing on a hammock playing guitar for the crowd.


I thought it would be ideal if someone else was driving as Jimi was playing music. The person stands in a spherical module that is similar to a prison tower. The person driving uses the rectangular window to both see out to the crowd while also looking intimating so no one tries to climb up to Jimi.

A prison tower as a omniscient monitor of all surrounding activity, ensuring that peace is kept.

A prison tower as a omniscient monitor of all surrounding activity, ensuring that peace is kept.


I added a handrail and a flat platform to create stability to hold the tower and double as a dance floor. Also the platform that Jimi is on slowly revolves.

I plan to add a door that allows for Jimi to climb to the top as well as more developed wheels and internal components for the driving controls.


The entire vehicle



Hammock/relaxed chair. Will have to do more work on this to make it look more realistic. Also seen is the rotating platform that will cause chair to continuously rotate.



Treaded wheels for grip to the land. Banister and platform for people to dance on while Jimi is playing!




“Stone Cold” Steve Austin



I have decided to design a vehicle specifically suited for former professional wrestler and actor, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He is known for being one tough SOB and is sometimes called “The Texas Rattlesnake”.

Hiking Caprock Canyons

 In his semi-retirement, Austin lives on The Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas. Here he can be seen passing his days driving in the Texas heat over rugged terrain rich with scorpions, snakes, and other creatures, in one of his trucks or ATVs.  I want to design a similar vehicle that can expertly handle the rugged terrain, especially where there are no roads, as well as exemplify the tough guy vibe that Austin is known for.


2akzmv monster-trucks-crashes-videos valtra-revolution-tractor-concept

The exterior of my vehicle will combine elements of monster trucks, ATVs, and dune buggies. The interior of the vehicle will ideally resemble a man cave that Stone Cold himself would be proud of. It will keep the hot, desert air out, while keeping the passengers cool and refreshed as they enjoy the scenic canyons.


The basic design of the Stone Cold Canyon Cruiser is of a highly durable dune buggy with the body of a skull, one of Austin’s most well known symbols.


The skull’s mouth acts as a windshield, while the eyes and nose act almost as skylight windows.


The vehicle will have eight, extra thick wheels to provide increased stability over rugged terrain. Much of the vehicles driving will be off road, so I want to ensure the passengers have as smooth a ride as possible.


I wanted to include Austin’s moniker, the “Texas Rattlesnake” with bracing bars that surround the top of the skull. These should provide additional protection if the vehicle flips.


The mouths of the rattlesnakes will case the vehicle’s headlights.


The vehicle should provide ample room for passengers to lounge in comfort, and enjoy a nice cold brew from the interior Keggerator.








As of now, this is what my vehicle will look like. Special features I will incorporate into this design include (as of now): several types of heavy artillery, special tail fins for navigating, and a slick “space”ship” exterior. The only exterior element included in my design is the incorporation of the boat, as there is yet to be a game in the Halo series that includes any form of sea exploration. As a result, I plan on making my main individual, Master Chief, even more accustomed to battling through harsh environments.


I chose the ocean as my hazardous environment because the ocean is vast, undiscovered in parts, and treacherous at times.


I chose to create elements of a yacht in my design in order to sail the seas safely.


I also chose a spaceship design to incorporate aspects of Halo and Master Chief.


I chose Master Chief as my individual because I have always been intrigued by the graphics of the Halo series and admire his character. Furthermore, his character is strong, heroic, and a force to be reckoned with.


I wanted to create a vehicle that could survive transporting people in a radioactive futuristic hot environment categorized by frequent solar flares, heat waves, and high UV levels dangerous to people. This means that my vehicle will have to be able to reflect harsh sun rays, while having a cooling system that can handle the heat of the motor and the external heat accompanied by solar flares. The materials used will have to be reflective with a very high melting point. In addition, the vehicle will have to be able to be driven manually and self powered in case of disrupted radio frequencies that solar flares cause in addition to power fluxes.


radiation from solar flare


solar flare on the sun


effects of solar flares on Earth


In the future, people will need to be able to get around, and while the possibilities are endless for the average individual, they are more complicated for people with special needs and handicaps. This is why I wanted to design my vehicle to transport people with physical and mental handicaps as well as their caretakers. Specifically, the students and aids at New England Center for Children including my sister Molly. While not famous to the public, she is famous in my eyes.


handicap sign


logo for New England Center


The vehicle will need to have seating for 10 students and 5 aids. It will also need to be handicap accessible. In addition, safety will be a key factor. The students will have to be strapped in in a way that they can’t undo themselves during transport. The aids will need to be able to see the students easily and get to them if need be. I would also like to provide an entertainment system for the students. Molly loves music and old movies. All of which is accessible on her iPad. I would like to have a way for her to hook up to there iPad in the vehicle and personalize her entertainment. In addition, i want comfort to be a top priority in other ways such as seating, heating and lighting.


seatbelt system for safety


iPad entertainment system



The current most common vehicles for transporting students are the school bus and the van. Both of these vehicles influenced my initial design as well as the hovercraft because of its shape and maneuverability.


circular hovercraft


school bus

white school van

white school van

hovercraft with fans over ground

hovercraft with fans over ground

I also am influenced by the cargo system in planes as a method for handicap entry. A non-vehicle, the zero gravity rides at fairs also influenced me as the sea of having the aids at the center looking out from the operating area makes sense. They would be able to see all the passengers on the outside of the center gate.



zero gravity ride


caro door on plane

I would like to make the environment sterile and comfortable and will do so by incorporating lots of white with cushioned objects like bean bags.

bean bag chair

bean bag chair

sterile white environment

sterile white environment


Captur4e Capture2 Capture Captur3e


TeddyModel1 TeddyModel2 TeddyModel3

For the first project I have decided to a vehicle meant for finding Big Foot in the  Northwest Territories. Ron Swanson/Teddy Roosevelt will be operating the vehicle.

Teddy Roosevelt is one of my operators. I am going to be putting his mustache and glasses on the vehicle. It will also be named the Bully 2000 because one of Teddy's bully pulpit.

Teddy Roosevelt is one of my operators. I am going to be putting his mustache and glasses on the vehicle. It will also be named the Bully 2000 because one of Teddy’s bully pulpit.

I am also going to incorporate his hat from the Rough Riders.

I am also going to incorporate his hat from the Rough Riders.

For the vehicle, I wanted to make the wheels like a tank. It wont be able to be stopped by the rough terrain. The wheels won't be as large because I want the vehicle to be able to climb the rough terrain, and I was the vehicle to be able to drive between trees.

For the vehicle, I wanted to make the wheels like a tank.  The wheels won’t be as large because I want the vehicle to be able to climb the rough terrain, and I want the vehicle to be able to drive between trees.

Ron Swanson loves silence more than anything. I want the vehicle to ride quiet so it is peaceful inside no matter what is going on outside of the vehicle.

Ron Swanson loves silence more than anything. I want the vehicle to ride quiet so it is peaceful inside no matter what is going on outside of the vehicle.

I want Swanson and Teddy to be hunting Big Foot.

I want Swanson and Teddy to be hunting Big Foot.

The terrain will be a highly wooded area. I also want it to be mountainous with some little rivers.

The terrain will be a highly wooded area. I also want it to be mountainous with some little rivers.


Bugs Bunny is my famous individual. His speed and cool attitude is factored into the design. He prefers carrots which are the missiles used in making the vehicle. His aversions are the harsh environment.

He also

He also loves Lola, and has to be able to save her when necessary. Therefore, his vehicle has two seats.

Having selected Bugs Bunny, he has a different harsh environment than most.

Having selected Bugs Bunny, he has a different harsh environment than most.

Bug's harsh environment is really the things that are trying to kill or capture him. These people can shoot him, so he has to be able to get away very quickly.

Bug’s harsh environment is really the things that are trying to kill or capture him. These people can shoot him, so he has to be able to get away very quickly. He has to be quicker than a bullet, or be protected if hit.

Even other animals are trying to kill him, which is very intereting

Even animals and monsters are trying to kill him, which is very interesting. Anything could get him.



I want the design to be as cool as Bugs, It has to be hip and fast. It has to match his style, which is unlike others.


The vehicle also has to have awesome machinery and weapons to mimic the cartoon aspect and how he fights.


The design of the vehicle will represent this bull. It is kind of a satire, as he is riding what looks like one of his biggest enemies.


My basic design so far.


This rocket launcher (of carrots) and Gatling Gun are some of the unique features of this vehicle. It is hidden by clear glass, which can open by push of a button, and is located on the front of the vehicle.


This is a turbo buster to get out of an area quickly.


The wheels are spheres and can move any direction, to symbolize the agility of Bugs.


Saving Lola is important, so there will be two seats; one for Bugs and one for Lola. The horns make it look like a bull. Also, it will have wings on the side to be able to fly if necessary.


For the first project, “Vehicles designed for harsh environments”, I am designing a vehicle for Michael Phelps to aid him in his adventures in the deep sea. In thinking about the deep sea, the key aspects that I am considering include the darkness, the extreme pressures and temperatures, and the dangerous creatures that live in the depths of the ocean. I plan to incorporate different aspects from various deep sea creatures in the vehicle so that it can camouflage as a defense mechanism.


Deep Sea Creature that will potentially be used for inspiration.


Angler fish that will be used as inspiration.


Squid/octopus that will be used as inspiration.

sea floor

Deep sea floor, the harsh environment that the vehicle must be able to survive in.


When considering Michael Phelp’s characteristics that should be included in the project, I immediately thought of his various physical traits. These include his height and slender frame, his long arms, flexibility, and large lungs. Additionally, I plan to incorporate his preference for winning gold medals and swimming in the design.


Michael Phelp’s wingspan.

phelps size

Various aspects of Michael Phelp’s body, all of which I am using as inspiration for the vehicle.


The design is loosely based off of the idea of a stretch bus that is connected via a pivoting joint that allows the bus to remain flexible while increasing it’s length.


Deep sea vehicle. Note the spheres used, as they survive well in the deep sea environment.


Submarine. Some aspects of this vehicle might be useful to include as submarines are built for the deep sea.


An articulated bus connected by a joint that increases the flexibility and length of the bus.


The vehicle that I plan to design will resemble a segmented bus with each segment being a round orb that can withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures associated with the deep sea. The vehicle will include features from various deep sea creates including, but not limited to the angler fish and an octopus/squid.

project1-3 project1 project2


For our first project ‘vehicles designed for harsh environments’, I have decided to design a powerful and fierce aircraft for the one and only Miss Queen Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. This vessel is inspired from her own artistic vision as a strong female musician and performer, as well as a successful CEO, wife, and mother. Her story is two-fold, for she keeps her personal life very private, while her global image is iconic and constantly in the public eye. Her two facades will be demonstrated in the design of my construction, which will have a bold, forceful exterior, with an intimate scene inside separated by a partition in reference to her song, ‘Partition.  In an interview about her most recent album Beyonce, she says: . “I wanted people to hear the songs with the story that’s in my head, because that what makes it mine. That vision in my brain is what I wanted people to experience for the first time. Part 1: The visual album. I feel like right now, people experience music differently. I remember seeing thriller on TV with my family, it was an event, we all sat around the TV and I am now looking back, I am so lucky I was born around that time. I miss that immersive experience. Now, people only listen to a few seconds of a song on their ipods and they don’t really invest in a whole album. It’s about the single and the hype. It’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fan.”  Her goal in making music is to create a complete body of work in a narrative fashion that will make a powerful statement about femininity/women with power; my goal will be to reflect this in creating my own narrative through her vehicular design and its surrounding.

In one of Beyonce’s celebrated songs “Flawless” from her most recent visual album Beyonce, she samples Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED message:

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise you will threaten the man.’ Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support. But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same? We raise girls to see each other as competitors – not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men. We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are. Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes

 These words inspired Beyonce’s song, and both women continue to address gender inequality in the workforce and empowering women to a higher level. We are the products of a society in a world where our ideas of gender have not evolved, and Beyonce recognizes this in her artistic vision. The harsh environment I have chosen is set in a board room meeting space filled with men in suits. Fittingly, Beyonce is the President and CEO of her company Parkwood Entertainment and she will take the seat at the head of the table after descending this fierce yet feminine vehicle. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s message continues in addressing the workplace below:

 “There are slightly more women than men in the world, about 52% of the world’s population is female. But most of the positions of power and prestige are occupied by men. The late Kenyan, Nobel Peace Laureate, Wangari Maathai, put it simply and well when she said,

“The higher you go the fewer women there are.”

In the recent US elections we kept hearing of the Lilly Ledbetter Law. And if we go beyond the nicely alliterative name of that law, it was really about a man and a woman doing the same job, being equally qualified and the man being paid more because he is a man. So, in a literal way, men rule the world.”

Beyonce will be entering this scene on a hovering aircraft that informs her personal and public life and her values as a female artist.  She will be standing at the one golden door of access which will be open (in reference to her philosophy on producing music with only one access point and her aversion to leaks/music theft) as the aircraft gracefully hovers en route to land. The vehicle will be placed directly at the head of the conference table so that Beyonce can descend from her private interior (life) and take her throne at the head of the conference meeting. She is often called Queen Bey (Beyonce) and refers to her following of fans/supporters as her beehive. These people who appreciate and recognize her vision and messages will be incorporated to the exterior façade which will take the form of a gold, hive-like hexagonal pattern. The wings will slightly mimic those of an insect (bee) with the intention that her life is always in motion and her work is about movement and being able to influence future generations and spread her message globally. This vehicle will be styled futuristically to reflect her goals of impacting new generations of women as well as her avant-garde approach towards feminism. The exterior color scheme and material are informed by her royal title as Queen Bey with bold, royal colors that are sharp and sleek yet feminine like jewelry or her wardrobe. The interior will be a more intimate, simple scene with a monochromatic color palette to keep her private life vague and ambiguous to the viewer. (If possible) I would also like to incorporate a rendering of Beyonce in a powerful stance as she takes charge of her sexuality, body, and capacity to be successful without fear of judgment. The relationship with space is very important in this piece for it will reflect her career and private life juxtaposed in a societal critique on a woman’s place at a table, figuratively and literally.







Images for vehicle inspiration:








And harsh environment idea:






Today I worked on creating more “Lego” attachments on the cathedral pieces. As the pieces get smaller the interlocking parts also are changing size.

small lego new

lego close


3-5pm, 7-8:30pm

Today I worked on creating the Lego style pieces of the cathedral. This has proved to be a bit tricky. I’ve been approaching it as a trial & error kind of puzzle and after some experimenting with the different tools on Rhino, I’ve succeeded in making a few interlocking “blocks”. I might try to print tests of these soon to see if the design works

lego 4

lego steps

lego steps2



Tank tread is a little bit over-complicated. Consider simplifying it depending on the processor. (The PC already shows sign of slow when the tank is assembled.


Today I worked in the library and went on thinkiverse to find something new to print. I found a tower-like structure very similar to the cathedral tower sculpture I’ve been working on. Like the cathedral, this tower was split into segments to be printed. I decided to print this template to get practice scaling pieces of the same object and positioning them on the makerbot software so that they will eventually fit together.









DuckyHeaven.2 DuckyHeaven.3 DuckyHeaven.4 DuckyHeaven.5