Thesis: While in a public space the need for public storage is a real problem. It gets warm and people do not know what to do with their loose clothing. The world needs a product capable of  holding clothes in a public environment that also functions as a philanthropic tool for immediate aide to those in need. This product developed is capable of accepting clothes for storage or donation that can be either kept safe or unlocked for the world to use. All components are individual to prevent tampering with others’ clothes the product is additionally fit with a cleansing system in case it is taken advantage of over time (poorly potty-trained dogs).



Violence is featured prominently in mainstream entertainment media, television shows or even commercials. Producers of these shows usually take little responsibility in determining how the violence would affect children’s behavior or psychology. As we are incorporating more and more of technological advance into our life, our experiences will be come increasingly digitized. The project shows a hypothetical situation in which the famous Samsung Curved TV Commercial is expanded by 10 minutes.





Thesis: Everybody faces challenges in life.We carry around successes, failures, regrets, and tragedies with us. These things are constantly bringing us down, yet we keep going.  I want to examine what is that keeps us going through the worst of times.This is a dying woman’s life flashing before her eyes as she prepares to let go of the past, ending with saying goodbye to herself.

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Thesis: I have created a story line where I explore the meta in which we exist as human beings. For example, a person’s physical attributes would play a minimal role if they are placed in a desert. Instead, it would be all about how  he/she perceives the emptiness of this vast space that is a desert. The connection  made between the person and the desert would define who  the person truly is.







Thesis: For my final project, this series captures the intimate and private moments of one young woman who is preparing herself for her evening. She is intended to represent a much larger phenomenon in society and our obsession with beauty, and what these expectations are in order to meet the standard ‘beautiful’. This medium lends itself well to this concept in that the superficial application of makeup and our physical obsession with weight is expressed in this artificial, intangible form of digital sculpture. In this private space, one can see the figure impacted by the influence of social media, and how she responds with her own figure. These isolated scenes are intended to be observations as a voyeur, which is something that is revealed in the very end with an entire audience watching this series, as if it is a live show. I am interested in the juxtaposition between the privacy and behaviors in these spaces, with an audience (society) ever present and always ‘regarding.’



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Do you think further environments would benefit the project such as the desert.




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Here are sketches I did of the side panel and the front panel.  I will mirror the side panel for the opposite side.

Observatory Observatory 2


Editing Saturation levels as God’s presence is rejected