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What question/problem did you choose?

Time flies.

Why did you choose this topic and why does it matter to you?

I chose this topic because in just a couple of days, my undergraduate career and “time” at Bucknell will be over. A concept that seems to have a life of its own will have dictated the end of these four years and mark the start of new endeavors.

Give some details on the question/problem – explain it in depth.

As graduation approaches, time, or lack there of I should say, has been something that I’ve been reflecting about my last year at Bucknell. Four years ago I was naive to think that I had all the time in the world to enjoy my college experience, to create long-life friendships, to take all the fun classes with the cool professors, to go abroad (which I did), etc. Time and its limits were not on my radar. Now, four years later, I look back and it’s actually overwhelming. Where have four years gone? I am preparing myself to face what my peers and I refer to as “the scary, real world”. Am I ready? Maybe. Did I use my “given” time wisely? Sometimes. Were only four years enough? Most definitely not. Although there are those days when I wish I could just hold time in my hand and stop it, I have realized that regardless of how I feel or how much more time I want to have, time will just keep moving forward.

List out 10 tangible places/people/things that are associated with your question/problem.

1. Clock

2. Pocket Watch

3. Roman Numerals

4. Empty Hands

5. Wood

6. Firefly Wing

7. Firefly Wing (Detail)

8. Gold

9. Road

10. Desert

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Influential Artist: Nurvz Austria


Artwork: Unknown

Attribution: I chose this piece to draw ideas for my project because it is based on the concept of the scape of time. It shows our human impotence against this “thing” that we always seem to want more of but yet it dissolves in front of our own eyes.


In my project I explored the human body, girls bodies specifically, and the continuing desire to alter it through plastic surgery. I also explored the inner battle that many young females go through as a result of the trends and expectations set by the media. Our society is obsessed with looking “younger” and “hotter”, and as of now plastic surgery seems to be the most favorable go-to method. However, seeing that our modern society is continuously evolving, in the future paying a visit to the surgeon may just be a waste of time. Future generations will have the necessary tools to Do It Themselves. I start the composition with just one subject inside the room.  Then as we progress, a second female figure joins her. This indicates the progressive power and influences that plastic surgery and body enhancement has over not just one individual but multiple.

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