Taking rock, paper, and scissors to new places


Inspired by Italian luxury sportscar manufacturers Lamborghini and Ferrari, this vehicle is designed for the wealthy among us who feel the need… the need for speed.  Unlike the established brands from which it was born, however, this supercar makes a statement both on land and under the sea.  Appealing to the inner Jacques Cousteau in us all, this feat of automotive engineering enables those wealthy enough to afford it the unique experience of deep sea diving sans a wetsuit thanks to technology adapted from Mr. Cousteau’s Aqua-Lung.  You can relax in the spacious pilot’s cabin as the oxygen required to fuel your expedition is pumped from 2 tanks safely housed in the rear of the vehicle.  Reinforced with a corrosion-resistant copper shell, owners can fearlessly descend into the depths of the unknown without worrying about the mysterious creatures that lurk in the darkness.  When you’ve had your fill of exploration for the day, you can then ride back home in style with a quick transformation of the engine turbines into standard wheels.  Complete with gull-wing doors and an exterior modeled after the regal lobster, you will surely be the envy of the yacht club when you add the Jacques-uar to your fleet.