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Humans have always been, in part, defined by our ability to use tools and manipulate our surroundings and ourselves.  So the advances in technology that we have today are not a new thing, they are just a more visible extension of what has always been happening.


My goal for this project is to create a 3d print that conveys the thought of humans evolving with their technology.



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For my vehicle project I was inspired by a number of vehicles.  The first was the bus from The Magic School Bus children’s books and TV show.  It is an older bus model, built with lots of smooth curves and bumpers.  The other class of vehicles were airships and zeppelins.  I felt that the curves of the airship nicely matched up with the curves of the bus.  The airship portion of the design was mostly influenced by my environment of the gas clouds of Jupiter.  I felt that my vehicle needed to be able to explore and stay afloat in this harsh territory and that modeling my vehicle after a blimp would help maintain its structural integrity.  To compensate for the increased pressures, I maintained a lot of smooth curves on the hull of the ship.  These curves really help in withstanding high pressures and abrupt pressure changes.  In conjunction with the vehicle, I chose to represent Miss Frizzle from the show as well.  So I wanted to capture feeling of fun, exploration, science, and friendship.  I tried to make my ship “happy” to reflect this personality.


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