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As humanity increases their technological advancements, it, as a species, is inherently becoming a series of enumerated data points. Now, more than ever, humans have a plethora of technology to entertain themselves with, which also gives them the opportunity to portray to the world not what once was a fleshy organic form, but rather a new automaton of wires and units. In this series, I strive to show the downfall of the natural human aura, and the multiple overpowering effects technological advancements have forced upon humanity.


Thesis: As humans produce technology, they, as a species, are becoming data, portraying themselves to the world through wires and numbers.


Research: “PostHuman”


This video shows the potential of technology and how a cyber network could function. It also shows the danger of this futuristic weaponry and its affect on humanity. As humanity progresses and technology continues to evolve, humans are becoming more natural at a decreasing rate, while technologically formed humans are increasing.




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As of now, this is what my vehicle will look like. Special features I will incorporate into this design include (as of now): several types of heavy artillery, special tail fins for navigating, and a slick “space”ship” exterior. The only exterior element included in my design is the incorporation of the boat, as there is yet to be a game in the Halo series that includes any form of sea exploration. As a result, I plan on making my main individual, Master Chief, even more accustomed to battling through harsh environments.


I chose the ocean as my hazardous environment because the ocean is vast, undiscovered in parts, and treacherous at times.


I chose to create elements of a yacht in my design in order to sail the seas safely.


I also chose a spaceship design to incorporate aspects of Halo and Master Chief.


I chose Master Chief as my individual because I have always been intrigued by the graphics of the Halo series and admire his character. Furthermore, his character is strong, heroic, and a force to be reckoned with.


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