At face value, technological advancements have been perceived to offer many great benefits to the global population whether directly or indirectly. Technology and its well-fares to society are in the constant eye of the public and are presented through all media outlets and in almost every aspect of life. Our massive exposure to technology has made it so that it has become essential our daily lives. However, with so much technology, private information and data all passing through the system, it is expressed that we no longer live in a society where privacy is truly prevalent. Ultimately, even when we are not sitting in front of a computer monitor, technology could perhaps make it so that we are still being watched.



This article and many like state that indeed the government keeps a keen watchful eye on American citizens by way of interception of messages and phone calls. Such allegations are, of course, denied by government officials. Though, with the constant rise in faster, smarter means of technology and storing technological data, we could be being watched whilst performing everyday private activities and have no clue.


I intend on creating a detailed series of Keyshot renders which explore and depict my topic.