Tonight I downloaded the Makerbot desktop program onto my laptop so I can still use the printers when they are available. I went to the DSC to print pieces however the printer was in use. I reformatted the interlocking pieces to work though so as soon as the printer is free (going to check again tonight) I will print them and then print the full cathedral blocks. Also, I made a lot of progress on the pelican tonight. I used a few different commands to fix the majority of naked edges.

I used sweep2 and blend surface to rebuild some of the surfaces which worked best on some of the facial structures

Also, I used the join edges command which was really helpful on picking up some of the smaller edges throughout the wings

There are only a few more edges to fix and the pelican should be watertight for the most part. Have to still figure out a way to fix part of the face that remains as naked edges
fix pel