Human beings are not capable of controlling their own states once they grow more than they sustain. Overpopulation, Industrial Revolution and the rise of technology have all impacted human’s lives in the most fundamental ways. It always seems that there is a constant fear that the process is unsustainable, and that human beings can do nothing once things get out of control. The project attempted to represent human beings’ “overgrowth” through the lens of overpopulation in a surrealist city.


Important learnings

  • The most important learning from this project was to separate one big file into multiple files of separate geometry so that the whole process becomes more manageable. The whole modeling process suffers a lot of wasting time from simply waiting for the geometry to work. And separting the file into multiples not only increase the speed of modeling, but also increase the likelihood of being able to import the geometry to Keyshot
  • I also found that Keyshot has its own limit in the amount of geometries it can hold. Thus, the best way to go with this is to also separating the Keyshot files so that each file render separate objects. As long as the camera angle stays the same, the two renders can be perfectly lined up and produce one coherent final renders. Now, I have to be careful to separate the projects so that most of the important effect (such as reflection) is unchanged in the final composition. For example, I don’t want to render a boat and the water separately because the reflection of the boat on the water will not appear and the final composition becomes unnatural.
  • For small details such as windows, I can instead use UV mapping since UV mapping will flow through the surface of the objects. While I sacrifice some geometry and the alignment of the windows won’t be “perfect,” my render time can increase drastically (And the windows are so small they obviously don’t need to be aligned with perfect accuracy).

Future additions

I had to drop 40% of the geometry so that the project is importable to Keyshot renderers. Since I figured out how to keep the same angle for two different Keyshot files, there is the possibility that I can render objects separately in Keyshot and assemble later by other photo editing software such as photoshop. I really hope that I can bring out the remaining geometry so that the project would be more complete.