Renewable energies are unarguably  the most important transitions in the world economy during the 20th century. Yet, progress toward renewable energy in the United States has been very slow, due to and inefficient management bipartisan government. The sculpture set is the my personal take on the issue of renewable energies through the lens of two humanized characters: Fans and Windmills. The project is also an experiment on animation with Keyshot, a software that produces amazingly high-quality renders but has little support for animation.



Please watch the swf file at this link.

Important learning:

  • The update function in rhinos can be used repeatedly to change the render frame by frame. While the process is still tedious, it is do-able. I personally think the quality produced from Keyshot is very well worth the tedious process in Rhino
  • Angle of rotation can get reversed if the change in angle was not calculated appropriately.

Future updates

  • Reduce the rotation rate of some windmill. Make the vibration of the fan more natural.