What question/problem did you choose?

Who am I?

Why did you choose this topic and why does it matter to you?

Have you ever looked at the mirror and wondered who/what you are looking at? I chose this topic because it happens to me quite often. I also have a friend who has similar experiences in much longer time scale. So I wonder who am I, the guy on the mirror or the guy who is behind it all.

Give some details on the question/problem – explain it in depth.           

To me, I am the thing that extends much beyond what I see in the mirror. (Whatever one wants to call themselves) It is almost like the guy in the mirror, whereas for anyone around me, I would be the guy on the mirror. It seems really interesting how we perceive each other, how it the way one looks become meaningless over time. It almost seems like, when I am looking at someone I don’t know, I just see a part of their body. On the other hand the better I know the person, the more I see. At some point it, the outlook and the real person converges and I find it really interesting. Today we are not improving beyond the skin. We rather have shorter more superficial interactions because otherwise someone will see who we really are, than we want to look like or who we would like to portray ourselves as.


List out 10 tangible places/people/things that are associated with your question/problem.

  1. Mirror
  2. In a family photo
  3. Strip Club
  4. Fashion show
  5. Fashion Photo Shoots
  6. My friend x
  7. at a conversation
  8. advertisements
  9. Space
  10. Desert




Influential Artist: Kiki Smith


I want to evoke a similar feeling of under the skin.  Who knows maybe we are all different even though we wear the same.