My futuristic Noah’s ark combines three different sea vessel designs: the ark, the buoy, and the catamaran.  I liked the impression of strength and power than the shape of the ark provides, while I appreciated the catamaran’s design for its practical ability to survive waves.  The buoy, while the most humble of my sea vessel inspirations, is fascinating in its ability to bounce back from being hit by waves- a very important quality to have when trying to endure a post-apocalyptic sea.  In order to endure the post-apocalyptic sea for an indefinite time, I needed a design that was sturdy enough to survive both rough waves and time.  I imagine that a post-apocalyptic sea would be filled with poisonous debris and contaminants, so I needed to create a vehicle that was both relatively self-sufficient and self-contained.  The windmills on the various pods provide the energy necessary for the ark to keep running indefinitely.  My future Noah, who runs the whole ark, is invested in the preservation of the ship and its inhabitants.  I see him as a sort of steward of the last bits of nature.  The upward-looking window on the ark’s control pod allows Noah to wait and look for the appearance of the rainbow.  The strength and enormity of the ship reflect his conviction and perseverance.

The presentation of my final project follows the ark on a particular sunrise as it continues to wait for a sign of good things to come.  Through lighting, composition, and setting, I try to capture both the serenity and loneliness of Noah’s ark, a ship floating an empty sea indefinitely.  The viewer is invited into the scene by two crows that have found rest on the ark.