In designing my vehicle, I focused on certain parts and aspects of other vehicles such as steam engine trains, jet airliners and rocket ships or space shuttles. I incorporated these vehicles as a means to best articulate what I initially was aiming for with my vehicle; Train Force One. As a direct line of transportation to intergalactic worlds for President Barack Obama, I needed to make sure it was capable of carrying such cargo as the president of the United States in a timely fashion of stellar capacity and getting him to his destination safely. I also had to create a vehicle that would be sleek and sophisticated enough to match the style of Mr. Obama. For this reason, a good portion of the exterior color and materials were model after Obama’s very own “Cadillac One.”

I found the idea of Obama having a personal train to be interesting, and once I decided that my harsh environment would be located within the belly of the massive, majestic monsters that inhabit the far regions of space, otherwise known as black holes, I saw it fit to incorporate aspects such as rockets and jet turbines. Essentially, my thought process behind incorporating such additions was due to the fact that ultimately nothing in the natural or physical world is known to be able to escape from a black hole; not even light itself. Therefore, I figured that my vehicle would need to be able to travel even faster than the speed of light if it were to clear the grips of the black holes.

Certain attributes ascribed to Obama as a political leader are that of public speaking, intelligence, dedication and determination or strong-will. His Preferences are equality, order and peace. Therefore, his aversions would be inequality, chaos and, in most cases, war. These qualities that Obama possess are ultimately what fuel his purpose for traveling through space. As a means to engage in peace talks with aliens, he must venture through black holes. Ultimately, he is making the universe a better place for everyone, one space mission at a time.