With the rate we are consuming resources and the consumerist social system, I don’t see and utopic picture. I want to fantasize on what would happen at 2400, as in my mind humans fully mastered their bodies and augmentation became the new consumerist behavior. However a pharmaceutical company had some security issues and all the man kind has been erased from earth.

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I have read articles about the society and temples for Greek and Egyptian and some Anatolian civilizations. All these civilizations had been long gone and their structures are still present to present them quite spectacularly. Different pastes used by both Egyptian and Greek are unknown to us, we know the formula but don’t how to produce it. One could say that they were really advanced. We resemble the post human to them. The question is, will the history repeat itself and this consumerist society will end just like the others? I think yes, I have watched the movie 12 Monkey’s a movie taking place in future and some ‘company’ releases a virus. No, more spoiling.