Thesis:  Humans have evolved to have organic computers. For this project I wish to investigate the capacity for organic computers of other animals to connect with the inorganic computer. Is there a way we could become in tune with the feelings of animals or other life through use of technology?

Research:  The brain communicates with neurons, which fire along their axons. The firing of axons are axon potentials where a pulse is sent down an axon by opening and closing sodium-potassium gates. Neurons act in synchrony, stimulated by neurotransmitters that are released by connecting neurons. The decision of a neuron connected to other neurons is a summation effect that is either on or off, pulse or no pulse. This core functionality parallels modern computers in the method of operation through binary.

Neurons have a variety of different concentrations in animals. A sponge has no neurons, but a Jellyfish has 800. It is unclear whether the mental processes of other organisms is similar to humans. It is theorized that primates have the most similar mental processes while other organisms might have more reactive mental processes.